05 June 2014

Little Friday + The Best of Intentions! Truly!! I have the best!

When it comes to this blog I have the best of intentions to do right by my readers. I want to deliver excellent content on the regular, I want to be funny, I want to be witty, I want to be real with you guys.

But sometimes. You just gotta let loose and laugh. You have to enjoy the little moments. You have to soak it all up - even the way the sun sparkles on the jewelry you wear. Like this bad-a-double-s ring I am wearing. 

//   Ring - Anjolee (maker of gorgeous diamond wedding rings)    //
//   Dress - TJ Maxx  (home of the $15 dresses)   //  
//   Earrings - Art Festival (Worm Grunting Festival - no not kidding about the name)   //

Sometimes you just have to take a minute and revel in the glory of an excellent decision - like ordering these business cards. Are they not the bomb?! I mean seriously. In LOVE. 

Erin Condren (Yes, I purchased these - just spreading the word about this awesome design)

Want to know who else has The Best Of Intentions? One of the cutest bloggers I have ever met - Kay! Her style is beyond adorable and I mean just look at that hair! I wish she could come style me everyday. *sigh* blogging will have to suffice for now.

Hello everyone! I'm Kay and I ramble on and on and on over at The Best Of Intentions.

I could tell you who I am, but I'm not quite sure I've figured it out yet. I'm just shy of my quarter life crisis, which I'm sure will be a doozy. I pretend to be really funny, but usually I sound ridiculous and people laugh to make me feel better. I'm trying to love running and lifting weights, but I'd rather sit by the pool and drink margaritas. I'm just as happy and content getting a pedicure as I am sitting on the bleachers at a baseball game.

I don't have a "manfriend" and no one has put a ring on it. I don't have a furrbaby (sooo not by choice) or an actual baby. I have an obsession with TV shows and I read far, far too many books. I've had a crush on Zac Efron since I was 14.

I secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) get cranky when someone uses bad grammar. My best friends are fabulous and my family is spectacular (but i'm a little biased). I'm right handed, I have green eyes, and I'm from Indiana. I sometimes miss Myspace.

Honestly, I'm just trying to be happy. To make you laugh. To make friends. To figure out who I am. To figure out what I'm supposed to do. To possibly and hopefully make a difference. To do the best that I can.. Because I have the best of intentions..

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Happy Little Friday Everyone!

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  1. OMG those cards are adorable!!! I need to order some more for my FleurtyBands--but I'm looking for something with a fleur de lis design--hers are super cute though!!

  2. Those business cards are so dang cute!

  3. Your business cards turned out so cute! Love them! And that ring is gorgeous!

  4. Business cards look great. Happy SITS Day!

  5. There is so much cute happening on your blog right now! LOVE!

  6. I adore Kay! She is my little Snicklefritz :) And if anyone is ever in need of a blog post idea, check out her list of 36 Awesome Blog Ideas!


  7. New business cards give me jollies. Yours look great!!!

  8. Amy @ The Crazy Wise WomanJune 5, 2014 at 10:42 AM

    I love those call me cards! I think I have to invest in that!!!

  9. Love that picture of you! And the cards....so cute!!

  10. That picture of you is the cutest!!!!!!!!!!!! (And you already know how I feel about those cards...) ;)

  11. This post just made me smile! Love those cards and that shiny bling bling!

  12. Me And My Mini MeJune 5, 2014 at 8:35 PM

    This is awesome., Your post always make me smile and those business cards are to die for.

  13. Hi Ashley! Thanks a bunch for hosting!
    Have a lovely weekend :)