Sep 16, 2014

20 Wedding Planning Lies

Today I am teaming up with Kristyn from Chits and Giggles! If you don't know her, you should get to. Kristyn's blog is honest, fun, and hilarious! For example, this girl is a newly wed and talks about the buggy test on her marriage - hint hint, salt is her savior! Kristyn also has a blog consulting service for new bloggers - with this I can't recommend her enough! When I first started blogging, Kristyn took me under her wing, so to speak, and became one of my closest blogging friends. 

As I mentioned earlier Kristyn is a newly wed and I was married last April (2013) and we couldn't think of anything more fun than to talk about the biggest wedding planning lies! 

Do any of these sound familiar?!

Here is what Kristyn says:

1. That wedding dress shopping is fun.

wedding dress hanging with shoes

I loved my wedding dress. I still do. But it wasn't really the most fun to go shopping for it. My mom is the kind of person who wants to see everything before she purchases something. And I mean everything. So, she wanted to go to 4 stores even though I found my wedding dress at store #1 and it was the 2nd dress I tried on. Just be aware of that if you plan on going shopping with your mom.

2. It won't be stressful day of.

While we had people in place to divert the stress from us, it didn't really help. My sister did a ton of stuff behind the scenes to make sure that I didn't have to deal with everything. But when you have crappy weather coming and have to make decisions, like pushing back the ceremony an hour because of the weather.

Jeremy also was stressing because he was watching a storm come close to us as I was walking down the aisle.

3. Plan B will be perfect, even though you REALLY don't want to use it.

wedding day decor lanterns

Everyone that was part of our team knew the plan. We would do whatever it took to have our wedding the way we wanted it - the ceremony and reception outside, with no tent. They had a Plan B space, but Jeremy and both decided that we would do everything in our power to not have to use it. And luckily, it worked out perfectly fine. But, make sure everyone that is part of the wedding knows your plan and is happy to do whatever they can do make it happen for you.

4. You will get wasted drunk.

I don't think I actually ended up drinking a full glass of wine. I drank a little here and a little there, but I definitely know that I wanted water above all else. I was just so thirsty and hot - as I knew I would be!

5. That the day is all about you, the bride, because it isn't.

bridal portrait

The day is about your family and friends coming together to watch you, the bride, make a lifelong commitment with your fiance. It's about family drama mixed in there as well. It's about making sure that friends have fun and it is about a lot of talking.

6. Good luck peeing in your dress...

I had to take someone with me to pee. How fun is that? I also decided it would be easier to just take the dress off and pee instead of trying to pee with people around me. At least I could have a little privacy?

7. You can't control the weather, but you sure wish you could.

You are going to want to try to be able to control it, but you can't. Just accept that you can't and also accept that it might rain on your wedding day. If it rains, does that matter? Not really. Not at the end of the day. Most of the times, if it does rain, you will get kick ass pictures with an umbrella.

wedding day rain shots with umbrella

Yea, that umbrella isn't a really did rain.

8. You wake up to 20% chance of rain, but it storms on your day....oh wait, that happened to me.


Again, it rained on my wedding day. It made things not go as planned, but we still got married. And that is all that matters to me.

9. You have only a year to plan a wedding.

Surprise! You don't have to take a year to plan a wedding. You can have a shorter engagement than that or a much longer engagement. We were engaged 22 months before we got married. Just know that you don't have a certain time frame to get married in. Pick your date based on when the venue you want is available and go from there.

10. You inlaws will have opinions...lots of them.

While my inlaws did have some opinions, they weren't nearly as opinionated as I thought they might be. They really didn't mind that we were waiting so long to get married. They were a teeny bit resistant when Jeremy wouldn't be wearing a tux, but we were able to tell them that it would be better and he would be more comfortable without a tux.

Here is what my thoughts were:

11. Knicknack shopping is fun. 

LIEEESSSSS ALL LLIIIEESSS. UGH the knicknacks for the wedding were a nightmare - mainly because of pinterest. There was just too much to choose from - add to that my wedding didn't have "theme" per say, so I wasn't able to filter out a lot. I just wanted soft and pretty - aka everything. 

12. The dress and veil will cost a fortune - if you want to look pretty. 

Grand total, my dress, belt, shoes, and veil were less than $1500. The veil was like $30 (thank you Etsy) and my shoes were $100 from Steve Madden.

The dress was my dream dress, the veil was my dream veil - my entire look is exactly what I had always wanted...and my mom didn't go bankrupt or in debt buying it for me. (Thank you mom!)

13. You have in invite everyone and their cousin. 

Nope nope nope. 

I didn't want a wedding in the first place - partly due to this exact reason. I didn't want to have to worry about "offending" someone for not inviting them. That being said, since I was pretty much forced into having a wedding - I was going to do it my way. 

The invitations were sent strictly to lifelong family friends and immediate family ONLY. Not only did this keep the wedding small -right at fifty were in attendance- but it kept it intimate. 

14. Follow your wedding planner's advice no matter what. 

Now don't get me wrong here, my wedding planner was right 9 our of 10 times and since this was her job I did typically take her advice. That being said, if there was something that I really wanted and she professionally disagreed I held my ground - because at the end of the day, it was about what I wanted (and Chris). 

15. The honeymoon is "so much fun". 

Okay, so we did have an absolute blast on our honey moon. That being said, we were both 100% exhausted. We didn't really want to leave the hotel room- all we wanted to do was sleep!

16. The ceremony is what's most important. 

Yes, it's important but it's only 15 minutes! The reception is 2+ hours! 

If you have to skimp on flowers for the ceremony so that you can have better booze at the reception - do it! Our reception was an absolute blast because that's where we focused our energy. 

And - when I ask people what they remember most about the wedding, they say how much fun they had at the reception, not the ceremony. 

17. Don't worry about it - it'll just all come together. 

I can't tell you how many times I was told that. That one statement drove me up a wall - because guess what, you do need to worry about it. If there is something specific you want to see or experience you HAVE to address it and deal with it. 

For example, I had idea of how I wanted each place setting to look - so I wrote the wedding planner an email and sent her a tutorial on how the napkins should be folded. 

18. People will be offended if you don't speak to them at the reception. 

Not true. While I tried to speak to everyone, it was only 50 people, having a full-on discussion was impossible - guess what, no one was mad at me for it! Truthfully, if someone does get upset with you about this, then they are petty and you should question why you invited them in the first place. 

19. The small stuff won't matter - focus on the big items. 

Not to brag here - okay, I am going to brag - but I swear almost every woman at the wedding made a point of noting all of the personal touches I made on my reception. I had everything from coozies, to notes, to flowers in certain places. 

The little touches matter. Do them,might as well! If you are going to do something do it right!

20. You will be stressed through the whole process. 

I had SO MUCH fun planning my wedding as well as attending the wedding. I made sure that I was not one of those crazy brides during the planning process or during the wedding. 

Truthfully, right before the wedding I was stressed out because the photographer was running behind and we were all running late in hair and makeup, but other than that I had a drink to calm my nerves and made myself have fun and not stress. 

My motivation behind being chill was so that the photographer could get genuine, happy pictures like these:

All that being said, while my wedding was a success and the wedding I had always dreamed of - I am so HAPPY IT'S OVER. It was so so so so so so so so much work and just exhausting. 

What is one wedding planning lie you were told?

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Sep 15, 2014

The Best Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

The best brown sugar, oatmeal cookie recipe you'll ever try! Recipe by Quakers in post! 

 Hello, Grit's Blog readers! I'm Kristen and I blog over at Treats and Travels. I had the pleasure of hanging out with you here on the Grit's back in April (you may remember my Friday playlist). Last time I was here I shared my favorite playlist, today I've decided to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth by sharing the BEST (and my favorite) oatmeal cookie recipe. You can thank me later!


Sep 13, 2014

Adventures in the NYC!

Hello beautiful readers of The Grits Blog! Ash has told me that you are all the most fabulous in blogland! My name is Rebekah, and I blog over at Blue Giraffes and Concrete Jungles- a lifestyle blog about myself and my crazy adventurers in NYC, the world and more!

I've now lived in NYC for just a bit over 5 years and love the place to pieces. It was quite a whirlwind when I moved but each day I learn more tricks, tips and helpful hints. I will now bestow some of that wisdom on to you...

1) Public transportation is your very best friend- and Google maps (my favorite trip app). In other places it might seem a nuisance to take the bus, or not worth the time to climb on a train - but in NYC it's a necessity. Depending on the length of your stay it even be worth it to purchase an unlimited bus/subway pass. Many stations have self-service kiosks as well as an attendant to talk to- one who  might be able to give you your best options.

2) IF you do need to take a cab- which yes, you may want/need to at some point- always flag a yellow cab. the black/gypsy cabs can grossly overcharge you and they are sometimes super sketchy. Also note- a green cab (new to these parts) are the same as yellow cabs- they can only be hailed though in outlying areas though (Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Upper Manhattan). Don't expect a green cab to stop in the middle of Times Square- he cannot.

Sep 11, 2014

Dedicated to 9/11

Sitting at my desk, going over my paper for Mrs. Gerdis's seventh grade class. Overwhelmed with sadness, embarassment - how I get D! WHAT HAPPENED?!

"Teachers, please keep the students at their desks and do NOT inform them of what happened today. Thanks", the principal announces over the intercom.

Shifting noises, seats creaking, whispers swiftly making their way across the room. "Guys, please form a line and follow me to the library," Mrs. Gerdis says.

Suddenly, the loud screach of chairs move across the floor and everyone stands. I place my paper in my whiteout scribbled bookbag and get in line. We all walk down the hallway, whispering back and forth about what was happeneing. Did someone get expelled? Was there a bomb threat at the school?

We enter the library, Mrs. Gerdis asks us to all sit at a table. Once we take our seats, she rolls out the TV cart and turns on the news.

Images of planes crashing into buildings in New York - these buidlings called the Twin Towers, flash across the news. There is utter silence.

"You deserve to know, I won't let this be hidden from you," Mrs. Gerdis states.

The next thing I remember, I am sitting in the car with my mom and I just start crying. All those people, their families...their children, brothers, sisters, moms....gone, just like. It's over.

That's where I was when it happened. The thought of this day, still makes my blood boil and my heartache.

Today, Little Friday and my blog are dedicated to the families that lost someone. Please take a moment to say a prayer - a prayer for peace. Just take a moment, to remember - remember what happened, to remember how we all came together as a nation to support each-other, to remember what's really important - not the material things, not your job, not money, but family, friends.

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Sep 10, 2014

10 Ways To Gain Instagram Likes & Followers

Ok Step away from the keyboard, lift up those fingers and do not even think of bouncing away from this page.... this is a blogging Hijack and I am taking over for the day.  I am Linda and I blog over at A Labour of Life (and no folks nothing to do with birthing babies, sorry to disappoint some of you but for the rest I am all about Life and Style, and wine and beer and some crafts and shit stuff. Hope you take a meander over and check it out.

In the meantime Ashley has voluntarily (so not really a hijack) let me take over entertaining you today.  Now Ash, well she is all about the blogging stuff and the great hair tutorials but me well I am trying to stay a little on track here with the popular themes but I will warn you I can not  give you much in the way of Blogging help cuz I leave that to the experts like the little miss that owns this space ( she did a bang up job on my blog though).

So for today I thought I might give you a bit of an Instagram lesson, yep that is right, my expert advice on how to gain Instagram followers.

how to gain instagram followers

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