20 April 2016

Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends to Follow

Spring fashion is all about femininity, color, and patterns. From the frilly frocks on the runways, to the stunning hues chosen by Pantone, to the girly floral prints cropping up everywhere, there's no shortage of great styles to wear this season. Combine these concepts with wearability and simplicity, and you'll be well on your way to looking as smoking hot at the temps this spring. Today I'm going to check out some of the top fashion finds for the season, including some amazing shoes...it's time to get inspired!

1. Stylish Backpacks

Spotted on the runways for spring, you can't go wrong with a backpack purse, as pointed out by Marie Claire. Perfect for mommies and those without children, there are plenty of places to stash your stuff in this beautiful satchel in Pantone's Limpet Shell, one of the top ten colors of 2016. This vegan leather backpack purse is by popular designer Matt & Nat, and you could pair it with neutrals and colors alike. It's tailored enough for the office and casual enough for a weekend jaunt.

2. Cold Shoulder Tops

No, cold shoulder doesn't mean I'm encouraging you to dis your friends, but I am suggesting you could potentially show a little more skin and let the sun shine on your shoulders. The adorable and flattering crochet knit top from ASOS is perfect for rising temps and looks super chic with minimal effort. Pair with jeans, shorts, or capris for an outfit that's on trend for spring.

3. Raw Hem Jeans

Glamour reveals that raw hem jeans are a spring wardrobe essential, and this light coral pair is about as hot as they come. Skinny jeans are popular, but this bell bottom style will add an unexpected flair (pun totally intended) to your outfits this spring. The gorgeous color looks a lot like the Peach Echo hue from Pantone and would work very well paired with a variety of solids and prints. I especially love these worn with platforms and wedge shoes.

4. Feminine Lace

Lace was all over the spring fashion runways and this stunning lace dress is just the piece to get you through the busy events season this year. Perfect for weddings, brunches, church, baby showers, and more, this frock from Self-Portrait in Pantone's Serenity is one you don't want to pass up! Accessorize with a pair of strappy heels and a box clutch, or dress it down with a pair of espadrille wedges and a matching handbag.

5. Flirty Florals

As highlighted by Lyst, the classic pointy toe slingbacks pictured above from Ann Taylor are simply stunning. This shoe style is in for spring and these are perfect for the fashion forward woman and momma on the go—quickly slip them on and you'll be out the door. Pair these Scuba Blue-hued flats with shorts, skirts, skinnies, and just about anything else you can dream up for a beautiful pop of flower power.

I hope these five looks for spring will have you inspired to seek out some new pieces for your wardrobe. This just shows that popular runway styles can be both trendy and totally wearable at the same time. From lovely Pantone colors to feminine details, the season is full of beautiful surprises.

**This post is a guest post by Sienna Hyde. She is a freelance graphic designer out in San Diego, California. Lover of fashion and southern California beach days**

05 April 2016

10 Reasons I Won't Have A Drink With You

Because there are honestly some people that I can't even have a drink with.

Here's why:

One - No WhatABurger afterwards because you don't eat fast-food?? NOPE, no drinks for you!!

Two - All you talk about is YOU. 

Three - If the possibility of us being Lorelei and Suki on Gilmore Girls isn't possible - then I probably don't want to have a drink with you. They are SO much fun together and I want to have fun like that with my friend(s) when I go out!

Four - You don't like dogs, squirrels, cats - basically all animals. I am a huge animal lover and if you don't like animals then in my opinion, a part of your soul is probably missing. 

Five - Super mooch! If you are over 25 and all you have to show in life is what your parents gave you - then really don't call me, text me, etc. 

Six - You judge anyone who actually LIKED the movie 50 Shades of Grey. Because I actually really like that movie and don't want the judgy looks or stares. If you can hold that in, then we have a chance at a having a martini. 

Seven - No heated arguments over SEC or ACC football??? Then what do we have to talk about September - January?!

Eight - Conversation domination. You know who you are. 

Nine - The great debate between Ulta and Sephora. Which is better?? If you answer is they are both excellent for various reasons - then pull up your bar stool. 

Ten - You have ZERO flexibility in an argument. There is no agreeing to disagree. There is just your side and that's it. 

Why won't you have a drink with someone??

04 April 2016

Oh No She Didn't v4

Lately, I have been watching a lot of Charmed. I go through phases where I will watch one show and nothing else till I run out of episodes. Anyways, I am on season four and watching Piper deal with her grief has been hard. I don't know why it's hitting me so hard but it is - a show that I have watched more than 100 times is becoming almost unbearable to watch.

Anyways, let's get back to the good stuff - GOSSIP.

31 March 2016

Little Friday Link Up #NORULES + Currently

Life has been so FULL lately! Full of ups, a couple of downs, good weather and bad.

Currently I've been ---

29 March 2016

Organic Baby Food COPYCAT Recipes

Because I mean, you already KNOW I am obsessed right?! So why not talk about it some more.

Organic Baby Food COPYCAT Recipes

I am thinking this might be a regular post as I come up with new recipes to share? Sound interesting? I hope so because I am - like I mentioned - a little obsessed.

SO today I am sharing a Earth's Best Organic baby food recipe - pears and mangos. Here's how you make it and what all you need: