Jul 28, 2014

Keep It Clean Folks

When I wake up in the mornings, I feel just plain gross. There are boogers my eyes, fuzzy sweaters on my teeth, and I have gotta go if ya know what I mean (thank goodness for Cottonelle).

Some of my favorite bathroom products are by Cottonelle. When I started college, it was the first toilet paper brand that I purchased and, since then, I have never looked back. Their toilet paper isn't scratchy and add to that it's not crazy expensive. Win, win right?!

Anyways, back to my morning routine. Each morning I wake up, use the bathroom - which thanks to the Cottonelle flushable cleansing cloths I am left feeling so much more refreshed. TMI???

Then after I shower in the morning, I have the horrible task of getting off yesterday's makeup...because let's just face it, I am way too lazy to take it off the night before. To get off all of the runny mascara and eyeliner, lately I have been using a lotion makeup remover that I received in an beauty box subscription - I take a drop of that and rub it on my eyelids, then I use a square of the Cottonelle CleanCare toilet paper to wipe the makeup off.

What's your favorite morning products that help you refreshed and clean?

P.S. Cottonelle has a coupon for $1.50 off! Go get your fresh on now!

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Jul 27, 2014

A More Professional Blog

Lately I have been working on why I blog. I have been trying to find where I want this blog to go, how I want this blog to be perceived, how I want to be perceived, and what my purpose of this blog is.

To start out I developed my blog mission:

Living to experience everyday as an adventure by blogging about the Grits of life.

Meaning - I blog to document. I want my kids, my family, whoever to be able to look at this blog and see that I have lived, really lived. Whether it be me helping other women by talking about great makeup products and how to use them or documenting my fishing adventures. I want to have something that I am proud of, something that makes a difference, an impact, something that is actually going some where.

So I rebranded the blog to fit my goals.

Does this mean that my topic content is changing? No. I blog about what I want to blog about - whether it be about finding my happy or something that is a sponsored post (I don't accept content that doesn't fit my blog). In the end - it all really does wrap up into the grits of life doesn't it?? I think so.

My goal with the design was to make it more user friendly, PR friendly, and professional. Anyways, take a peek around - let me know what you think! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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Jul 24, 2014

Little Friday + Bourbon Debut

Another one is in the books!! Have you heard of Bourbon Lipstick and Stilettos? If not, you should go check out Lindsay. She is full of sass and her blog is just the cutest thing to boot! 

Lindsay's design was a blast to work on! This is probably due to how different it was than anything I have ever designed. 

My favorite element of her design was the "logo" I created for her. I tied in every aspect of her blog name and created this little gem! 

Enough with me though - go read what Lindsay is saying after my design introduction! Oh and make sure you link up below!

Blog Design Inspiration

Blog Design Inspiration

Blog Design Inspiration

Blog Design Inspiration

Blog Design Inspiration

Blog Design Inspiration
Blog Design Inspiration

Hello! I’m Lindsay from Bourbon, Lipstick, and Stilettos. I write about beauty, holidays, lifestyle, and loving yourself and one another. I review a mix of budget-friendly and splurge-worthy products and love makeup, shoes, frugality, festiveness, and a strong drink.

If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only take one hair product, what would you pick? 
My hair is straight, fine, and oily. I’d definitely require shampoo- better make it a shampoo and conditioner combo. Overexposure makes hair brittle!

If you could describe yourself in one picture- what would it be? 
 I apologize for the poor iPhone photo quality (and goofball gaze), but I love this picture of me, taken by Jason, my boyfriend of over six years. One of our favorite things to do together is bar-hop around Louisville, KY. I’m a big fan of craft beer (as you can see!) and we had a great time that day. Pure happiness.

What inspired you to start blogging? 
 I work as a writer professionally, but was in desperate need of a creative outlet. Plus, I was intrigued by the idea of meeting inspiring women I wouldn't encounter during my day-to-day routine. I love connecting with others and look forward to building lasting friendships!

What are your three favorite posts?
#LoveYourSelfie: Embracing Your “Imperfections”
Try a Little Tenderness
Five Ways to be Nicer (If You’re a Jerk like Me)

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Jul 23, 2014

20 Things We Unexpectedtly Become Obsessed With Because Of Blogging

I'm teaming up with Ash from The Grits Blog! If you don't already know about this girl, you should. She's honest, she's funny, and she blogs about everything from style, to hair tutorials, to makeup stuff, even wedding details- she's basically as versatile as a blogger gets! And to top it all off she also has her own blog design service! Like I said, she does it all.

And now we present: 20 Things We Unexpectedly Become Obsessed With Because Of Blogging.

Ash says...
1// Twitter. Seriously! I had never realllly used Twitter before blogging. I didn't get what the buzz was all about. Now. I. Do. It's the bomb!! I obsessively check it through out the day and read what's going on with my fellow blogger friends.

2// How to make a cool design. Everything from glitter layers to fonts - I am always on the hunt for some cool layer and font. (P.S. - Custom designs are on sale for 25% off!!! Check out my portfolio here and shoot me an email!)

3// Obsessing over why someone unliked my bloglovin or other social media site. Seriously, I always wonder why and what I could have done differently.

4// Well this isn't exactly unexpected, but it's sure been exaggerated - taking thousands of pictures of my dogs and posting them to instagram. THEN hashtagging them with tags like #chihuahuagram #ilovemyfrenchie and so on. THEN getting depressed when I don't get a ton of likes.

5// This a new one. Wondering if I am being catfished...

6// Not caring if I fit the blogger mold. It seems like there a ton of blogger "rules" - the only one that I really stick to is responding to comments...even though it may take me a while sometimes. HEY! I've got a job and two precious pups at home!

7// The pressure of writing good comments. Now that I blog and understand the whole good comment thing and why it's important, I try to comment in the way that I would like to get comments. Oh. The. Pressure.

8// The self reflection and understanding. Prior to blogging, I was conflicted and emotional. I think a lot of this was due to the fact that I really didn't have a place to get it all out - and get support. It's absolutely amazing at what writing it all out and reflecting on that writing has done for my soul. 

9// I learned how to curl my hair...and thusly, became absolutely obsessed with hair and makeup tutorials. 

10// The community. When I started blogging, I really expected to deal with a bunch of trolls. I was so wrong!! I have never met such awesome ladies and have made so many friends. It's been the biggest blessing.

And compared to Ash's, my list seems a little more shallow... But here it is.

11// Camera accessories.  I just got my first "decorative" camera strap and I suddenly feel really cool about it. If it weren't for blogging I wouldn't even feel the need to have a "fancy camera," let alone a col camera strap.

12//Juicing. I don't technically know what juicing means, or how to do it, but when I see all of the delicious smoothies bloggers are creating because of their juicers I know I NEED ONE.

13//Acquiring a planner. I haven't actually bought one yet, but every time I see new one pop up on a blog I think to myself, "I'm going to get a planner."

14//Having a cool home office. The best I can hope for is a cool desk space because space is limited. I look at gorgeous photos bloggers post of their work areas and I can't help but wonder how they keep it so clean? Are they really working there? Like really? Because where are all of the empty coffee mugs and post-it notes everywhere?

15//Hashtags. It's hard to resist the hashtag when they're getting so fun.

16//Birkenstocks. I haven't owned Birks since the 70s but I'm seeing them all over the place and I really want to get a pair.

17//Floppy hats. I wasn't nearly as into floppy hats until blogging. Luckily they're great for bad hair days.

18// Blogging about blogging... cough cough.

19// Having a morning blog routine. Or trying to at least.

20// Tutorials. Here's a hair tutorial I once did called "The George Washington." Check it out and let me know what you think.

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