25 January 2016

Blog Update #BRB

I have been working like a crazy person on getting my shop opened up! I will be back on February 15th (at the latest) with exciting news!! 

Oh and in case you missed it  you HAVE to read this, this, and this

So stay tuned >>> AND please come back, please! Please read my blog again PLEEASEEEEEE!

Now that I have sounded SUPER desperate for your love I am going to go. 

18 January 2016

Gracie Likes to Party

At Night. Gracie likes to party at night. FYI that's why I haven't blogged in a week. This child. Good lord. For the past week or so she has been up on average SIX times through the night. SIX TIMES. Do you know what that feels like? I get up at 5:30am every day, every day. All last week I was in bed around 8-9pm. Then, more often than not, Gracie wakes up every hour or two on the hour. So 5:30am comes fast, way too fast. On the inside I feel like I am hollow, my muscles are tired, the brain feels a little mushy. On the outside, you wouldn't know I am exhausted - I get up and put on a full-face of makeup, wear beautiful clothes, and pick out gorgeous shoes - all so I at least look okay which makes me feel better.

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Wondering where Chris is? He's there. He's in bed next to me and he gets up to take care of Gracie. However, I have this wonderful gift. It's called mom ear. I can literally hear Grace scoot around in her crib! So when Chris gets up with her, I lay there, wide awake, listening until he comes back to bed. It's. So. Damn. Annoying. The man IS UP! Why can't I sleep when he is up with her!?

So yeah. Gracie likes to party all night and sleep all day.

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All that being said, I remind myself all the time that this is just a season. This isn't permanent. And when I really think about it...it makes me sad. I won't have this cuddly, sweet little baby forever. Eventually, she's going to grow, she's going to turn in a teen, she will have her own life - she won't need me or want me around. She will want to be independent, she will probably be embarrassed when I drop her off at school, she will probably hate the clothes I pick out for her. I can see us now in the dressing room at Dillard's arguing over how low-cut her prom dress is and that no she absolutely can NOT go to the prom's after-party.

So instead of focusing on the temporariness of it all - the exhaustion, foggy brain, irritability - during this time, I choose to cuddle her at night when she wakes up, I choose to enjoy the late-night moments with her when she wants a bottle. I choose to find the good in the sleep deprivation instead of the bad. I try to soak up those sweet little smiles after I get her all tucked back in after eating.

Yes, I am exhausted to the bone. Yes, the exhaustion makes me stressed. Yes, the stress has made me retreat into myself some to cope. And through all of that I can say that yes, even though this season is full of stress, this is also the most joyful time of my life. I can say yes, my marriage is stronger than it has ever been. And I can honestly say yes, I love the night-time parties with Gracie.

And finally yes, thank god for good girlfriends that take you out day drinking when you are too exhausted to drink at night and for good husbands that watch the baby so you can have a good time.

So. How have you been sleeping?

08 January 2016

Bloglovin' Favorites + Bloggers Give Back Reveal!

So it's FRRRRRIDAAAYYY - *PRAISE JESUS HALLELUJAH*. I am really looking forward to this weekend. Gracie is getting baptized, Chris is home, I am making this for dinner. It's just going to be a nice, relaxing weekend.

OH and I am working on two new blog designs for some new clients - so that's going to be fun too :)

OHHH AND Saturday afternoon is wine and brie day with the girls, so there's that too.

OHHHHHH AAANNNNDD I am going to be working on inventory for my shop that will be opening at the beginning of March.

Basically, this weekend is going to be awesome and I am just really looking forward to it.

Also, since today is Friday I get to put together my favorite post of the week - rounding up my favorite posts from the past week or so from bloglovin.

Have you heard of this little music festival called Tomorrowland??? I assume you have because this festival ain't so little. If you are trying to get to it this year, Helene has you covered.

If you are like me and have tried to cook quinoa and failed miserably - as in set the smoke alarm off - then this post is for you.

My friend Whitney tells you HOW to save cash on groceries.

This looks like the easiest chignon tutorial ever. I am excited to try it out this weekend!

One of the TTC bloggers that I follow IS PREGNANT!!! Go read the good news here :)

A blogging bestie got engaged and her proposal story is to ca-ute NOT to tell.


The best and worst beauty dupes are rounded up HERE from one of my favorite beauty bloggers that you absolutely have to follow.

My all time favorite hair blogger rounded up her five products that you just HAVE to try in 2016.

This is all about that arctic life. You should read it.

Before you go for the day - I wanted to share with you the outcome of mine and Brita's Bloggers Give Back 2015 fundraiser. If you don't know what Bloggers Give Back is all about you can read about it here! Anyways, I would say this is one lucky family that was in need on Christmas!

So what do you have going on this weekend? What do you think of our Bloggers Give Back holiday edition campaign?