13 July 2015

Top 5 {Reasonable} Maternity Shops

Dressing the bump is HARD. I look through my closet at all of my clothes and am like ohhh this would be so cute - and then try to pull the top over my now-ginormous boobs and realize that if I pull any harder the shirt will rip in half..kind of like how Super Man rips his shirt off to reveal the big S. The clothes withdrawal is a real thing for the growing bump--- until I figured out where the hell I needed to shop. And so this post was born:

top five reasonable maternity shops #maternity #dressthebump #maternityclothes

10 July 2015

Link Love

I stumbled across this tweet from Cassie about Mr Thomas & Me's ah-mazing Etsy shop.  I want to have one of these watercolors made of my sister and I before I have the baby and give it as a gift for her birthday. Pretty cool right?!

Have you seen this recipe floating around on pinterest? I am thinking about making it over the weekend.

Lately I have been feeling so inspired about this blog. I literally have posts scheduled out until September...now I just have to fill them all in. Next week we have another hair tutorial and some thoughts about hair products. Really excited to share it with you! This week though, did you see my smoothie recipe and hair tutorial?? If not, go check it out and let me know what you think!

Okay, okay, okay I know I said never - but I am seriously considering making the big switch to Wordpress. Mainly due to design things I want to do. Ugh, I can't decide - it seems like such  a massive decision and feels overwelming. What are your thoughts if you switched form one platform to another? Any certain pros and cons I should know about?

Did you see this post from Emily over at Ember Grey?! Girlfriend is adopting! Finding good news on the internet is hard, so if you haven't read her post you need to now. So excited and happy to see a family growing!

Have you ever wondered about how these bloggers (Kate, Tay, cough, cough) get their amazing pictures? What kind of camera do they use, do they use certain photo actions, do they take their photos themselves? This blogger here wants to know. So if you have any tips - send it my way! Lately, I have been using a powershot camera that I got on SUPERSALE, it's been so much easier than my DSLR. I am thinking that my problem with my DSLR might be the lens... it seems like lighting is ALWAYS an issue unless I am outside - but taking pictures outside right now feels impossible, it's too hot and humid!

Okay last one - did you see this ah-mazing deal at Ulta? They have the Urban Decay Velvet eyeliners on sale for $10! If you haven't used this eyeliner you should, it goes on like - well - velvet. Worth the $10! Check it out!

09 July 2015

The Twirled Bun: A Hair Tutorial

A couple of weeks ago I posted an instagram that I shared on facebook and twitter of a this hairstyle I created.  Overall, I ended up getting a lot of response on it and was asked for a tutorial. So here it is, my twirled bun hair tutorial. Enjoy!

The Twirled Bun: A Hair Tutorial #hairtutorial

(click read more to see the whole tutorial)


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