24 August 2015

Maternity Leave

On Tuesday, August 25th at 7:30am, I will be rolled back into surgery for a c-section to bring little Grace into this world. To say that we are excited is the understatement of the century! We have been waiting for this moment for a long time...It's hard to believe our journey to become parents started back in January 2014! I know our journey is shorter than others but it was our journey none-the-less and was filled with so much heartache and now so much JOY. 

All that to say, if you don't hear from me on the blog for the next few weeks it's because I am taking off time to soak up every second with Grace and Chris.  

If you want to keep up with us on our new adventures, you can follow me on instagram.

20 August 2015

Blog Design Debut - LIfe According to Kenz

Recently, my friend Kenz asked me to design for her and below is what we collaborated and came up with:

Kenz wanted to take her design to a cleaner, more stream-lined format - and I have to say we nailed it! One thing that I like most about how her design turned out was the use of watercolor succulents. It was such a different design-element than I had ever seen, so I was excited to use it! For her font we used Manhattan Darling - it's a brush font....and it's darling if I do say so myself.

Enough blabbing from me - go check out Kenz's fresh design here!

17 August 2015

Three Days of Buildable Hair

The every day washer strips their hair of natural oils and creates added damage. I used to be in the every day washer club so I feel like I can say that statement - the change in my hair since I quit daily washing has been incredible. My hair used to be all straw, split ends, and breakage and now, after stopping the vicious cycle of washing my hair every day - which I thought I needed to do because of the oil buildup by the end of day one, my hair not only became thicker and fuller but shinier and more able to withstand heat tools.

So how did I do this? How did I go from a daily washer to going three (sometimes, okay a lot of times more) full days without washing my hair? Simple. I learned how to use and what kind of hair products to use for styling. I also practiced working with my hair instead of against it - thank you pinterest tutorials!

Here is what I typically do over a three day period:

How To; Three Days of Buildable Hair #hairtutorial #buildablehair

How To; Three Days of Buildable Hair #hairtutorial #buildablehair

Day one actually starts the night before for me because I shower at night. After washing my hair, I apply Kenra Root Lifting Spray 13 across various sections of hair, then I apply Kenra Volume Mousse Extra 17 and then brush through my hair. Finally I flip my head over and blow my hair out using this wet brush.

For styling, I use my NuMe Titan 3 wand (if you use code twistmepretty you will get $100 off). I split my hair into three sections - 1st section is everything by my ears and below, I use the 25mm wand for this section. The last two sections are the top sections and for these I use the 32mm wand. I use the different sizes because of the length of my bottom section - it's shorter than the top longer sections. By using two different size wands, I create and build volume for my hair on bottom and then creates soft waves on top. I have my top wand tips here - check em' out!

How To; Three Days of Buildable Hair #hairtutorial #buildablehair

For finishing I rough tease around the crown of my head and lightly spray with this Sebastian hairspray and go! All in all takes me about 15 minutes to complete in the morning.

How To; Three Days of Buildable Hair #hairtutorial #buildablehair

First things first, I refresh my hair with Batiste dry shampoo - this one is the best I have been able to find and it really soaks up the oil and builds light texture. To add some volume I will sprinkle in root powder (I like this one) around the base of my bangs and around the base and top of the back of my head. I lightly refresh my curls and waves where needed, and apply a Scruples pomade for shine.

For styling I prefer a half-up look. It gets my hair out of my face and creates a soft look. Below's picture is a piggy flip but I have been known to do a fancy bun and crown braid a time or two.

How To; Three Days of Buildable Hair #hairtutorial #buildablehair

How To; Three Days of Buildable Hair #hairtutorial #buildablehair

Day 3 is updo day. You can't go wrong with a bun but another option is my twirled bun - you can find the tutorial for that here. By the end of this day, typically, I can't take it anymore and break down and wash my hair. However, I have been known to extend my hair an extra day or two via up-dos and lots and lots of dry shampoo.
click here to see tutorial
How To; Three Days of Buildable Hair #hairtutorial #buildablehair

So overall, I would day my biggest tips are start out by taking it easy on hair products with day 1, build texture during day 2 via dry shampoo and root powder, add shine if needed with a pomade. Then for day 3 and beyond I go with up-do's.

Want even more tips on how to extend your hair as well as find some super cute hair tutorials? Check out The Small Things Blog and Twist Me Pretty. These ladies are my go-to when it comes to all things hair and beauty!


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