Feb 27, 2015

A Few Favorites

Friday Favorites. This is my favorite blogging day of the week! I know that I personally love reading these kinds of posts because I always get introduced to new bloggers or find some awesome post that I might have missed. Here are a few of my favs:

1. Eat Drink & Be Mary - this recipe of hers. #yum - peppermint patty whoopie pies, in the shape of shamrocks! Just in time for St. Patty's Day!

2. Dancin' With A Dolly - Jenny breaks it down on whether or not you should invest in Disney's memory maker. I personally thought this was very helpful as I love going to Disney, so I thought you might to.

ALSO, I have a little Q&A with Jenny!

(1) What is your guilty pleasure TV show or book? Why? 

I still love MTV's The Challenge and can still be completely engrossed with marathon's of America's Next Top Model. I love the drama combined with physical challenges in The Challenge. And I am a photographer and makeup artist so I thoroughly enjoy seeing the different photoshoots on Top Model.

(2) What would your Real Housewives tagline be? 

Even though I am a reality TV junkie I have never seen an episode of the Real Housewives. Although, I have done makeup for Countess LuAnn De Lesseps that you can read all about right here.

(3) Why did you decide to start blogging? What's your inspiration? 

I absolutely love writing and photography so it seemed only natural that I start a blog. I hope to grow my blog by leaps and bounds this year and in addition I have a new blog idea in the works. Stay tuned.

(4) If you could have a beer with any one blogger in the world, who would it be with? 

Well, it would need to be vodka but yikes this is a tough one. I would love to have a drink with all the blogging buddies I have made along the way. I honestly don't know if I can choose and I think I'll stay diplomatic on this one. Heehee...

(5) What are YOUR three favorite blog posts? 

If you mean by me, a few of my faves would have to be: End The Mommy WarsThat Time I Was Mistaken For A Prostitute and 10 Types Of Karaoke Singers

3. Blog to Taste - this Gin Rickey recipe has my mouth watering. I love gin and think this will be ah-mazing to whip at a dinner or heck at a lunch....

4.Tay Meets World - how to give the perfect gift aka a treasure box. I don't know how Tay does it but she makes everything so darn pretty and easy! She gave me the best idea for mother's day with this gift!

5. Sage - how to be a tweet master. New to twitter? Or maybe you just need some tips to get going?Then you HAVE to check out this post. 

So that's my favs for the week! What were some of yours? ALSO Little Frida is back, go linkup here!

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Feb 26, 2015

Traveling Locally + Little Friday!

I love to travel. I like to go to new places, see new things, and shop in new stores. I like explore new cultures, experience new foods, and try new customs. I LOVE TO TRAVEL.

But. For the moment, we can't. We have so many house projects going on that trump all travel - well not trump per say, but I really really really want these house projects done more than I want to go somewhere. My house is my retreat - when I travel I like to come home to a retreat. So here's what all we have left on the house:

(1) building a deck
(2) adding a laundry room to deck
(3) building fenced in area for backyard so the dogs can't go visit grandma and have me running over to her house in a towel and Chris's camo crocs at 7am - did you get that image seared in your brain?
(4) growing a proper yard of grass
(5) landscaping
(6) either fixing the fridge or getting some scrap money for it and getting a new one or something - because the expensive, gorgeous POS that we currently have, that I threw a fit over to get, went out on Saturday and there's no warranty! YAY ME!

I want all of this by the end of the summer so I can throw a huge house warming party and have all our family and friends over and a few co-workers too. I am sure you can see that this winter, spring, and summer will be the seasons of the house and there will no trips for us. It's worth the sacrifice right?! You are so going to have to remind me of this when I hop on hotels.com and start looking at these amazing hotels we could book in Tahiti or something.

Anyways, while laying in bed from 2-4am because I can't sleep through the night lately, I figured out a way to quench my travel bugs thirst - planning local trips. Here's what I had in mind:

1. restaurant exploration - I am going to make it a point for Chris and I to eat out at a new place every week. Lately we have been super slack on date night and really need to pick this back up again. I could actually start this Friday night with the girls...we need to find a new place to go to!

2. an evening out at Lake Ella - this place isn't really a lake, it's more like a really pretty pond with awesome shops around. It has it's own little sub-culture and community there.

this one is from a date that we went on last fall at Lake Ella - there is this place that makes New Orleans style snow cones --and will even stuff the snow cone with soft serve icecream.

a view from one of my favorite spots at Lake Ella

3. going to more local events here in town - it's amazing at how much culture is right outside your door when you attend a local fair or event. Since Spring is just around the corner I know that there will be a ton of stuff going on - this year I am going and I am going to somehow coerce Chris into going to...

4. checking out Macclay Gardens - I have lived in Tallahassee since 06, except for one year, and have yet to go here. When the weather gets a little warmer - hopefully next week but if not by then at least by April, I am so going to make a point of going.

5. a health foods store crawl - if you have been reading this blog for a while or read through the archives, you might recall this post.  I am thinking it's time to revisit this little store crawl. I do need some kale, cucumbers, and vanilla beans after all....

So while I may just be traveling locally, Autumn over at It's Autumn takes traveling world-wide by storm. Her wander lists make me swoon and her coco choco oatmeal cookies make my tummy rumble!

(1) What is your guilty pleasure TV show or book? Why?

My guilty pleasure TV show is (*covers eyes*)... TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex). I LOVE British reality shows. I find them much more funnier and of course more dramatic than American reality shows. Also, they seem to add a bit more poshness and class to an other wise un-classy genre of TV. Some people probably think its so trashy but I can't help but watch all the drama unfold. It's very entertaining and addictive! Plus, the background music in TOWIE is (oddly) really good. I'm always finding my new favorite song.

(2) What would your Real Housewives tagline be?

My tagline would be: I may be the quiet one but that doesn't mean I don't bite.

(3) Why did you decide to start blogging? What's your inspiration?

I decided to start a blog because I wanted to fill my time ( as an unemployed graduate) with something meaningful. I was tired of watching re-runs of Friends and trying to understand Spanish soap operas so I decided to do something that would give me a challenge and keep me busy. My inspiration for my blog comes from my everyday life experiences and interest. I always think about what I would want to see on a blog post and go from there.

(4) If you could have a beer with any one blogger in the world, who would it be with?

Agh. This is so tough! I have so many blogger crushes. If had to chose, I'd have a cup of coffee or glass of wine (I really dislike beer) with either Ana SacconeJoly or Chiara Ferragni.

(5) What are YOUR three favorite blog posts?

My favorite post are Treadmills Aren't for Running The Lust to Wonder Polka Dots and Gum Drops

Is she not ah-mazing?! Make sure you check Autumn out on her blog and follow along with her adventures on bloglovin' and twitter!

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Rules are there are no rules! 

Please link-up to whatever you like! 

All that we ask is, if you wish, please follow us via the links above and that you link back to this blog - so that other's can join in and mingle! 

Happy Little Friday Everyone!

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Feb 25, 2015

How to: Photograph Your Pet

Hello lovely readers of The Grits Blog! I’m Carly and I blog over at Musings of a Wanderer. Today I’m doing a little takeover on Ash’s blog to talk about photographing your pet. Over the years my dog Lily and I have had some pretty cute photos if I don’t say so myself. So today I wanted to share some of my favorite photos and share how you can take purfect pictures of your pet!

The Eye Staring Contest

This is one of my favorite pictures of Lily when she was only a few weeks old. There something about staring at your pet and them looking back at you that makes your heart melt. Here I am thinking about all the clothes I’m going to dress her up in and there she is probably wondering what the heck she’s gotten herself into.

The “I Just Woke Up Like This”

To capture the picture below all you have to do is wake your pet up at 6:00am, turn on the light and snap a picture. You get the whole “what’s going on face?” that is just adorable. I am in love with this picture because it reminds me of being a teenager and my mom waking me up for school. Sure, they may hate you for it, but come on…look at that face!

The “I’m Plotting To Take Over The World”

This is one of those elusive photos that might take a little more time to catch but is well worth it. Here’s a trick: Take your animal outside and once they are distracted by something far away (usually another dog, person, squirrel you name it) they get that look in their eye and boom. Your animal looks like Dr. Evil.

The “Dog in a Basket”

There’s nothing cuter than a small dog in a woven basket. There’s really no reasoning behind it, it just is. So if your dog is small enough to fit then plop them in a little basket. Warning: Do not try on anything larger than 15 pounds. Hence why I did it with my moms 5 lbs. dog Maggie and not my porker.

The Pet Selfie

Sometimes you just want to take a selfie. And sometimes you want your dog to sit still and be in it with you. I’ve learned that one of the best times to take a selfie with your pet is when they’re super sleepy because they put up less of a fight. Most pet selfies take time and patience. I’ve taken a ton of selfies with Lily and only end up liking one or two. So when in doubt, keep snapping. And eventually they will stop struggling and just let you go with it. Because as crazy as we all are, we really just love our pets.   

For more pics of me and my pup follow me on Instagram here!

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Feb 18, 2015

Currently...(Never done a post like this before!)

I read these posts all the time and love them because of the glimpse they give into the blogger's life. While reading one from Julie yesterday it hit me that I hadn't ever written one that I can remember on this blog. So today I thought I thought I would on jump on this bandwagon and give it a try as well as link up with Anne for Wednesday Wishes - since there is some wishing and wanting in here!

Drinking: a lot of water. I made a commitment to myself to cut back on the sodas to one or two a week. It's going oookkkkaaaayyyy but this week I have really worked hard and the water is paying off!

Wearing: skirts, skirts, skirts. They are just so comfortable!

Refusing: to give into my recent sleep deprivation. Sunday night the cat ran up and down the halls throwing her toys and having all out party - all the while keeping me up. Monday night Chris got out of bed to get something to drink and I couldn't go back to sleep after that - it was 2:30am by the way and was mouth breathing SO LOUDLY. So last night I hit the hay at 7:30 and for the most part slept through the night.

Wanting: my recent order from the Loft to arrive like today. They had a MAJOR sale and I got some really cute blouses for like $5 and work slacks for $11.

Feeling: achy. I must have slept wrong because my side is KILLING me, it hurts to breathe! It kind of feels like a crick in my neck but in my side. I ordered this new pillow that should help with comfy at night.

Eating: very badly. I have been trying to be good - really I have, but all I want to eat are fruit loops and fro-yo. It's because I am desperate for summertime. I need summertime to come back. Please. Soon. As in today.

Listening to: I. can't. get. enough. of. this. song.

Loving: being able to see all the good through the bad most days.

Excited: about April 7th.

Thankful for: reconnecting with great blogger friends and making new friends in real life too.

Wishing: that our dogs' food wasn't so dadbobbit expensive. I literally spend $100 on food every two or three weeks! It's okay though, these crazies are worth it. By the way, Captain and Roxy have recently become dare I say it - a little 50 Shades?? Captain sucks on Roxy's ear while she "smiles" but enjoys it. She like goes into a coma and can't move except for her mouth and when he's done she goes right up his face and licks him.

Admiring: Chris for all the BS he puts up with from me. He must reallllllyyyyy love me. He even did two loads of laundry yesterday for me! I couldn't believe it - I didn't think he even knew how to work the washer.

Saying goodbye to: fat calf syndrome. I lost my sneakers in the move - like way back in November - so yesterday I finally broke down and bought a new pair. I can't wait to lace those up today at the gym! I will snap a pic on insta today for ya - because I just KNOW you want to see me in my new sneaks.

aaannnnnd that's it! What's going on with you? Anything new? I need some fresh tea!

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