Oct 23, 2014

Little Friday + A Theme Lately?

Is it just me or do my posts reflect a theme lately? When I look over my posts for the past week there are THREE Fall fashion posts - THREE PEOPLE, THREE! This is like unprecedented for me. I mean, yes I blog about fashion from time to time - well not necessarily fashion but about stuff that I wear and like to wear and would like to think is in  style.

So looking back I blogged about Fall Staples and how to create different looks using only these three items. These staples to be exact:

The staples post inspired me create three different looks using my own staples. I will be blogging about it and publishing in November. Not sure when in November yet, but it will be next month.

Then I blogged about my favorite fall outfit - which per my sister-in-law looked British (meant as a compliment - so don't get offended ha!):

Then finally, I teamed up with a long-time blogging friend of mine - Ashley from Afternoon Espresso - together we created a post on how to to wear boots ten different ways. If you haven't checked our collaborations before, you should. We did one earlier in the spring on transitioning your wardrobe - check that out here.

All that to say, because I posted three fashion posts in the span of seven days - does that make me a fashion blogger like my friend here Sarah Christine? If you aren't sure who I am talking about just scroll real quick - she did a Q&A below with me about vampires, Real Housewives, and Sephora.

1) If you  had a $50 Sephora or Ulta giftcard what would you buy?

Everything! Oh fine $50 probably won't cover everything. When I get giftcards I like to use them for fun things that I wouldn't necessarily spend my own money on, so I'd probably get the IT Cosmetics Velvet Luxe LBD Foundation Brush only for ULTA that I've been eyeing for a few months now.

2) The one thing you would never leave the house without?

I want to say my phone, but that seems like an obvious answer so aside from my keys, wallet, and phone I'd have to go with chapstick. I am weirdly obsessed with chapstick right now and I have a stock of them in all my bags, my car, and around the house so one is never out of reach.

3) What song best describes your personality?

Quick confession first, I am a huge Avril Lavigne fan! Alright now that is out of the way, I have always thought that My World by Avril Lavigne spoke to my soul especially this part "I may switch off and go in a daydream. In this head my thoughts are deep, but sometimes I can't even speak, would someone be and not pretend? I'm off again in my world".

4) Which Harry Potter character would you be and why?

Hermione - both because of her character in the books/movies but also because I just really want to be Emma Watson right now, she is kicking ass and I love it!

5) QUICK! Vampires or Werewolves? Why? Would you let it turn you?

Neither? To be completely honest I don't watch or read about either vampires or werewolves. Of the supernatural characters like these I've always had a thing for zombies, although I'm not sure I'd want to be a zombie, unless of course they were the good kind that could turn back like in Warm Bodies.

6) True Blood or Supernatural?

I've never watched either. My shows right now are Scandal, Revenge, How to get away with Murder, Once Upon a Time, South Park, Pretty Little Liar, and Modern Family.

7) Go take this Buzzfeed quiz and tell us. Would you have survived the battle of Hogwarts? In case you are wondering, I was the hero and of course won the battle.

Dido, I was the hero and obviously won as well!

8) What would your Real Housewives tag line be?

"I'm on a mission to find my best version, glass of wine and a laptop in hand." (I don't watch Real Housewives, does that fit?)

9) Which celebrity would you like to have a beer with?

Right now I'm going with Emma Watson. She's fierce and I'd love to pick her brain right now.

10) Which blogger would you like to have a beer with? Not including myself, because duh - that's a given

This is too hard, all of you! Can we just have a big virtual (or real life) meetup and gossip and drink wine all night long?

Now you want to check her out right?! Click on her button to go say hey to her! BUT before you go, let me recommend a few of my favorite posts from her: (1) how to wear yoga leggings for all occasions (this girl is my hero), (2) ways to make your significant other smile today (because I know I forget to do this sometimes - so thank you!!), and (3) blogging bloopers (because no blogger is perfect!!).

Alright now go click her button and make a new friend!

Sarah Christine Style

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Oct 22, 2014

Ten Ways To Wear Boots

Ahh boots. Tis the season - for boots. Finally. Today I am teaming up with one of my all time favorite fashion bloggers - Ashley. No, not me - the Ashley from Afternoon Espresso! However, if you haven't met yet - my name is Ash and I blog over at The Grits Blog. It's a blog about all things life - like crack, random diets, and  cute little puppies like this one

Today we are bringing you a collaboration of our ten favorite ways to wear boots. 

Enough with the talking right?? Here we go:

This look is one of my favorites because I am wearing my all time favorite pair of booties. What do you think of it paired with the leggings and flowy top? I really dig it. It's sexy but still classy at the same time - kind of like a martini. 

So when I look at this outfit I am filled with memosas and breakfast casserole. It's PERFECT for brunch. 

#ThrowBackWednesday??? Remember this outfit from like forever ago? If I remember correctly this is from of my first style posts ever. I picked this instead of a new outfit because this is one that I wore at least once a week last season andddd it's one that I wore on the plane ride home from Texas last January. It was super comfy but still in-style at the same time. 

My fall-back style for when I am out running around town is a long sleeve tee with a vest. The vest just kind of tucks everything in nicely. If I am feeling frisky, I will add a scarf. 

You may remember this one from yesterday. Go read about it by clicking over to the previous post here!

So Ashley (not me - the one from Afternoon Espresso, remember??) - what are a few of your favorite ways to wear boots?

Hiii there! My name is Ashley and I blog over at Afternoon Espresso.  I have a serious coffee addiction, shopping problem, and I'm a cupcake enthusiast.  I like to document these things each week.  Feel free to head on over and check it out!  In the mean time I'm going to be talking about one of my favorite accessories for Fall--absolute must-haves- Boots!!   

There is nothing like making an outfit pop than with some color.  I'm always obsessing over burgundy this time of year so when I saw these booties, I knew they were the perfect addition to my Fall wardrobe.  These boots would be lovely paired with some grey jeans, leggings, or even a cute fall dress!

Booties: BCBGeneration

A cozy Fall look is something so typical for this time of year.  There is just something about the crisp air that makes me want to throw on some leggings and an oversized sweater. It's just so easy and effortless. {Note my burgundy sweater- I told you I obsess over that color}.  Another way to spice up this look is to add some funky socks.  Get bold and grab a patterned style and pair with some combat boots! 

Boots: (old) Crushing on these Steve Madden's

I'm all about revamping outfits and turning them into a whole new look. It's fun and challenging {and saves money}.  I wore this outfit over the summer (you can see it here) and now by simply adding socks, booties, and a jacket I've turned a summer look into a fun Fall date night outfit.  

Booties: BP

Rainboots-not just for the rain any more.  I actually love that rain boots are a thing these days.  They have made quite the statement and really can add a nice pop to an outfit.  I wore these here (and it was actually raining) but they are so easy to clean, I thought these were the PERFECT shoe to wear to a pumpkin patch.  You know how dirty your shoes get at those places!   

 Rainboots: Target ( or splurge on Hunter's)

The iconic riding boot-- an extremely versatile boot that is an absolute must for every closet.  I have these same ones in brown, too!  Pair them with dresses, skirts, leggings, socks, etc.  

Riding Boots: Bandolino

Check back at Afternoon Espresso all this week to see the details to each of these outfits!!  

So there you have it, there's our ten favorite ways to wear boots! What are a few of your favorites?

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Oct 21, 2014

My Favorite Fall Outfit + Scooby's Story

I. Love. This. Outfit.

Per my sister in law - I look British. Amanda - would you agree??? I don't know - maybe it is a little Kate Middletonish. All I know is that I love it.

To me - it's the epitome of Fall.

Oct 20, 2014

How I Make Myself Happy

When I think about life in general, I think it's easy to get wrapped up in the day to day crap that pulls everyone down - like the dishes, or the laundry that you have been meaning to do for a couple of weeks now, that your car has been needing an oil change for the past few months...

I keep things on my phone to help me remember what's important - what makes me happy, things that make me laugh. Today I thought I would share them with you:

Oct 16, 2014

How To: Mix and Match Fall Staples + Little Friday

I think Fall may be here for Tallahassee - I think! We had this huge rain fall on Tuesday that pushed a cold front in - it was actually 55 this morning! 

Since we finally have a crispness in the air and since I didn't properly plan out the blog this week - I created a tutorial on how to create three different looks using three main fall staples. 

The three key staples you need to have for your Fall wardrobe are a light weight jacket, knee high or mid-calf boots, and leggings. I actually have a post coming out next week on my three staples and on ten ways to wear boots - can't wait to share it! Anyways, back to the staples. I suggest getting these pieces in colors that you can mix and match with - like black or brown.

The secret to creating different looks with staples isn't buying new staples - because then why would there be staples?! The secret is using different accessories to give the staples a whole new identity each time you wear them. Changing up your jewelry with a fresh manicure and different top can make all the difference in the world!

Here are a couple of examples:
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