22 May 2014

Little Friday + March to December!

Family is important. 

Blogging about family and documenting those family moments are also important. Want to know who does this really well??LaShawn from March to December. From her insta-lately roundups to her wordless Wednesday posts, she covers it all. When I first clicked on over to her gray, lacey blog I immediately felt at home and wanted to just hang out on her blog for a while. I wanted to soak up the family-time and enjoy the laid back atmosphere. 

Enough about what I have to say! Take it away LaShawn! 

(1) If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only take one hair product, what would you pick?

      Has to be shampoo. Any kind will work. I am not one of those girls that can go days on end without washing my hair. I will wash my hair in the morning and the next day it will need washed again. Day two of my stay on deserted island, my hair would be a greasy mess. Also, I could use it to bath with. You know, when I started becoming La'Shawn McSKANKerston.

(2) If you could describe yourself in one picture - what would is be?

       Would HAVE to be this photo of me. My husband and mine relationship (up to 6 months ago), has always been some what separated. He was 4 hours south at college (UGA) and I was at home working. Then he was working 1st shift and I was working 3rd. So, I started taking pics of me and sending him. Usually silly ones. Kind of like; "Here is my face!", "Remember this face", and "Love this face!!". I am a silly person by nature. Always looking to make people laugh. That is what this photo was. My husband made this comment this was quintessential La'Shawn. I would have to agree! 

(3) If you could travel to any place in the world, right now, where would you go?

England. Hands down! I am a bit of an Anglophile. Or maybe a bloody huge Anglophile! ;-)

(4) What inspired you to start blogging?

I was turning 30. I decided I wanted to do 30 different and amazing things before I turned 30. You know, 30 before 30...Eh, well I didn't. However, I did start this blogging venture. 
(5) What are your three favorite posts?

If You Give a Kid a Camera...

❤ Let's Talk About Love ❤

Swim Suit Ready Body

These pretty much sum what I am up. A camera in your face, momma, who luuurvs my hubby, and isnt afraid to flaunt my curves! Of course, all with a bit of sas! 
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Happy Little Friday Everyone!
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  1. Love the silly face. A friend of mine said that he thought it was so cool that I blogged b/c my kids could someday look back on it like a diary. I had never thought about the blog that way but it's true. Plus, my long-distance family members get a look into what's going on. So many blogging bennies!

  2. Thanks for hosting my friend. :)

  3. Hi Ashley!! Just found some new friends to follow here today. Hope you have a terrific vacation!!